• MESNAC developed independent series Inner liner line, include TBR, PCR, OTR, MCR, and expand to air spring, medical bottles topper, cosmetic seals and other rubber products industry.

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  • MESNAC have dedicated Pin-type Extruder technology industry more than 10 years, and research and development with partners, now have launched various extruder models which can meet the rubber products production.

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  • AT-3,the third generation of MESNAC Apex TBR new production line, designed from the requirements of 23 customers, had the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, high intelligence and low cost. It had 44 technical patents and can produce stable joint. The most important is yearly product from 1 million to 1.4million.

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  • 15°-70°steel cord belt cutter, Provide perfect solutions for belt products, Maximum efficiency, product quality and accuracy, Satisfying customer's individualized customization requirements.

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  • 90° steel cord ply cutting line, the equipment has reliable product accuracy and joint quality,Reliable equipment stability and easy operation, Guarantee the productivity of equipment.

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  • 90° Fabric ply cutter uses guillotine type cutter or disc type cutter and has the highest splicer efficiency in the industry, Reliable cutting accuracy and splicer overlap accuracy, Guarantee the productivity of equipment, Except overlap splicer, can also choose butt splicer.

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  • 40°-90° textile ply cutter,Provide perfect product solutions,Maximum eficiency、product quality and accuracy, Consideration of high performance and low cost,Satisfying customer's individualized customization requirements

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