7-Layer Technology Architecture to Build a Fully Connected Smart Manufacturing World

Take rubber smart equipment as the carrier to form an integrated smart technology architecture of cloud, network and terminal; through data drive to realize the entire digitization and the overall intelligence of smart factories.


3-Level Solutions Help Enterprises to Upgrade Their Intelligence

Digital equipment integrates big data and artificial intelligence technologies
to realize process optimization and intelligent decision-making in workshops and factories.

MESNAC Smart Manufacture
  • Smart machine
    Smart machine

    realizes equipment digitization

  • Smart workshop
    Smart workshop

    realizes workshop networking

  • Smart factory
    Smart factory

    realizes factory intelligence

  • Automatic weighing and automatic production are reaized by advanced automation equipoments such as mixer feeding system, small chemical weighing system, ruber grinding and blending system, and one-step mixing system.

    Intelligent Mixing Solution More >
  • This system is a high-tech system, independently developed by MESNAC, for automatic material transport, storage and feeding for rubber mixer.

    Mixer Feeding System More >
  • FAR20-S is new generation automatic small chemical weighing system, with higher productivity, increased weighing accuracy and fast delivery on site. It helps to ensure product quality, reduce production cost and improve the working condition.

    FAR20-S Fully Automatic Small Chemical Weighing System More >
  • MESNAC developed independent series Inner liner line, include TBR, PCR, OTR, MCR, and expand to air spring, medical bottles topper, cosmetic seals and other rubber products industry.

    Inner Liner Line More >
  • AT-3,the third generation of MESNAC Apex TBR new production line, designed from the requirements of 23 customers, had the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, high intelligence and low cost. It had 44 technical patents and can produce stable joint. The most important is yearly product from 1 million to 1.4million.

    AT-3 Apex Line More >
  • 15°-70°steel cord belt cutter, Provide perfect solutions for belt products, Maximum efficiency, product quality and accuracy, Satisfying customer's individualized customization requirements.

    15°-70° Steel Cord Belt Cutter More >
  • Square column + linear guide rail; Fully independent control of left and right; Separation of squeeze and guidance is more conducive to accuracy maintenance;

    MCP-F Hydraulic Curing Press More >
  • Cylinder + guide sleeve guide; Open and close at the same time; The squeeze is separated from the guiding device, and the accuracy is maintained for a longer time;

    MCP-L Hydraulic Curing Press More >
  • MESNAC Union Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of MESNAC Co.,Ltd, is the collection research and development, manufacture, test tire mold in one of the high-tech enterprise. With the certification of lSO9001:2015、ISO14001:2015、OHSAS18001:2015 management system, the company is the unit of assistant director in chief of China rubber industry association rubber machinery mold branch.

    Tire Mold Series More >
  • Tire X-ray inspection machine is mainly used for detecting the internal structure of PCR, TBR, OTR and retreaded radial tires. It can identify body ply cords spacing and turn-up, steel wire stabilize ply gradation, bad splices, bubbles, broken steel, uneven steel distribution, tearing and foreign substance, etc.

    Tire X-ray Inspection Machine More >
  • Tire Dynamic Balance Testing Machine is the key equipment to inspect tire quality. It is mainly used for automated online testing of dynamic balance, Run-out , bulge and dent for PCR, LTR and TBR tires.

    Tire Dynamic Balance Testing Machine More >
  • Tire Uniformity testing machine is the key equipment to inspect tire quality. lt is used for automated online testing of uniformity, Run-out , bulge and dent for PCR, LTR and TBR tires.

    Tire Uniformity Testing Machine More >
  • MESNAC supplies a whole solution for RFID tire from aspects of RFID tire tag series products, RFID tire production automatic equipment, informatization system, etc.

    RFID Tire Whole Solution More >
  • MESNAC can provide the integrated solutions for Waste Gas Purification in rubber industry, spray paint industry, coating industry, packaging and printing industry, petrochemical industry. After a number of engineering cases, our products have achieved excellent results and high praise of the customer. The four solutions include biological method, Absorption method, Adsorption method Combustion method.

    M-ECO Integrated Exhaust Gas Control Solutions More >
  • Raise your throughput, Lower your cost.

    Tire Plant Automated Logistics System Solution More >

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