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  • Mr application system is based on mixed reality equipment, which integrates the places of physical world and digital world for information exchange.

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  • MESNAC supplies a whole solution for RFID tire from aspects of RFID tire tag series products, RFID tire production automatic equipment, informatization system, etc.

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  • The system is mainly based on RFID automatic identification technology, which integrates various IOT technologies to realize the functions of processing information acquisition and control, material information acquisition and control, and warehousing and transportation information acquisition and control in tire production process, including data acquisition system of mixing process -- semi-finished process – building process based on RFID, automatic logistics identification system based on RFID, mold management system based on RFID, EPD, IOT platform and other major products.

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  • MESNAC can provide the integrated solutions for Waste Gas Purification in rubber industry, spray paint industry, coating industry, packaging and printing industry, petrochemical industry. After a number of engineering cases, our products have achieved excellent results and high praise of the customer. The four solutions include biological method, Absorption method, Adsorption method Combustion method.

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  • "One stop" method solves the accuracy control of all measuring equipment (including Mooney viscometer, rubber vulcanizer, tensile testing machine, glass gauge, aging test chamber, drying oven, hardness tester, pressure gauge, tire high-speed durability testing machine, tire strength bead unseating esting machine and various geometric measurement equipment) in all links of rubber ire industry from R & D to finished product delivery inspection.

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  • A device for changing the direction of flow and regulating the flow and pressure in a fuid system, Suitable for steam compressed air, ntrogen, superheated water and other media;

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  • Raise your throughput, Lower your cost.

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