TPRO-S Uni-stage All-steel Radial Three-drum Tire Building Machine

Applicable tire size: TBR: 20~24.5 inch   LTR: 16~20 inch

Shaping drum: Applicable for both mechanical and bladder drum

Size change: Same inch: 2 operators 20min  Different inch: 4 operators 40min

Operators: 2

Cycle time: ≤150s ( 12R22.5 )

Efficiency: >170tires/8h ( 12R22.5 )


lntelligent tooling

>lntelligent monitoring of carcass drum diameter, belt drum diameter and bead-bead width of shaping drum.

>Servo-control expansion and contraction of belt drum.

Green tire quality

>Auto splicing technology.

>Semi-product defects identifying.

>spiral rotary turn up of bladder drum.

Production efficiency

>Full range belt drum, belt transfer ring and bead loader.

>Servo-control expansion and contraction &bead-bead width of carcass transfer ring.

>Tread auto feeding and applying.

User experience

>One-key speed control, rapid production reaching.

>Modular design to match different tire process requirements.

>Remote control, efficiency improving.

● Focus on tire quality improvement

Accurate conveying, precise applying, fine splicing, exact transferring, solid stitching

● Stable and reliable product

Based on “ROC”platform, Modular design

● High efficiency and output

Carcass splicer auto stitching, belt auto cutting, tread auto feeding and applying

● Low operation cost

Labor saving, maintainability friendly, high output

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