Inner Liner Line

MESNAC developed independent series Inner liner line, include TBR, PCR, OTR, MCR, and expand to air spring, medical bottles topper, cosmetic seals and other rubber products industry. PCR inner liner line is MESNAC patent production. By national science and technology achievement appraisal, with 32 patent technology include servo gap adjustment, thickness / width close-loop feedback and so on. MESNAC inner liner line solve the problem of thin rubber stick Calender roll, with technology of fault diagnosis, adaptive control, big data and edge computing and so on. Modular customized design, flexible manufacture, can supply efficient and intelligent solution.


● Roller head Extruder, 90-250mm screw diameter.

● Series calender for Roller Head Extruder.

● Automatically strip lamination.

● Automatically windup changeover.

● lnner liner for TBR, PCR, MCR, OTR.

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