• Automatic weighing and automatic production are reaized by advanced automation equipoments such as mixer feeding system, small chemical weighing system, ruber grinding and blending system, and one-step mixing system.

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  • This system is a high-tech system, independently developed by MESNAC, for automatic material transport, storage and feeding for rubber mixer.

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  • FAR20-S is new generation automatic small chemical weighing system, with higher productivity, increased weighing accuracy and fast delivery on site. It helps to ensure product quality, reduce production cost and improve the working condition.

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  • This system is used to grind the standard rubber bales used in the mixing workshop into small granules. After grinding, the small granules will be blended for homogenization to ensure the quality of the final product to be stable.

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  • The volumetric metering system measures the volume of the liquid material with digital hydraulic technology to get the weight of the liquid material. lt can be widely used in the tire, rubber product, and chemical and food industries.

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  • MCC

    MCC is an integrated information management and control platform for internal mixing workshop.

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  • One-step mixing system is mainly used for mixer downstream system. lt makes breakthrough in traditional multi-step mixingand is able to finish master batch and final batch in one step.

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  • The batch-off line is the matching equipment for the mixer. It is made up of modern mixing down-stream together with mills or TSR. The line can accomplish functions for taking off、marking、strip cutting、dipping、cooling、stacking、weighing and so on. It is widely used in the tyres and products industry.

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  • Open mill automatic mixing system is mainly used for down stream equipment of mixing machine, to achieve automatic mixing of open mill, save manpower and improve the uniformity of batches.

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