• Cross-industry smart manufacturing
    Cross-industry smart manufacturing

    Relying on the knowledge accumulation, technical platform and practical experience in the rubber industry, as well as the expansion of capabilities in automatic logistics, robotics, and the Internet of Things, MESNAC can provide overall solutions for smart manufacturing in new energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, home appliances, food, rail transit and other fields.

  • Smart Manufacturing Solution for Battery Cells
    Smart Manufacturing Solution for Battery Cells

    MESNAC focuses on tackling the decisive materials and pole piece production bottlenecks in battery cell quality, gradually established pneumatic conveying, ingredient metering, and mixing and homogenization systems. It has developed high-precision and high-stability equipment for coating, rolling and slitting, forming the ability to provide a complete solution for lithium battery cell production.

  • Powder Processing Solution
    Powder Processing Solution

    The company chooses the best conveying form according to the characteristics of the conveyed material, conveying distance, conveying capacity, etc. The key parameters of material conveying are figured out through experiments to set reasonable reducing pipe and optimal pipeline layout, and then provide users with flexible and intelligent overall solutions.

  • Industrial IoT
    Industrial IoT

    MESNAC focuses on the research and development of hardware and software systems of industrial IoT, providing sensing and interconnection solutions to create an industrial IoT platform for smart manufacturing. It provides system solutions for enterprises such as automatic identification and traceability of materials, intelligent storage and transportation, energy collection and measurement, intelligent acquisition and control sensors/terminals. MESNAC has led the drafting and release of four international standards of RFID for tires.

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    Highway IOT

  • Industrial Waste Gas Treatment
    Industrial Waste Gas Treatment

    Focus on independent innovation of key environmental protection technology products, and integrate smart manufacturing, informatization, big data and other technologies. It is engaged in the treatment of industrial waste gas and odor, providing ventilation and dust removal, waste gas detection, treatment equipment, core materials, VOCs online monitoring system, environmental protection information system and third-party operation and maintenance services.

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    MESNAC Heco Co., Ltd.

  • Precision Control Solution for Measuring Equipment
    Precision Control Solution for Measuring Equipment

    MESNAC currently has more than 400 detection/calibration qualifications,  has passed 57 measurement standard assessments and 72 special measurement authorizations. It owns more than 700 sets of advanced detection/calibration equipment, which can provide high-quality detection/calibration services according to different customer needs.

  • Comprehensive Service of Clean Energy
    Comprehensive Service of Clean Energy

    In response to the national call for low-carbon environmental protection, the company focuses on PV power station construction, digital operation, bioenergy, energy-saving services and other fields, specializing in the implementation of energy-saving projects of contract energy management and the promotion, consulting and planning of energy-saving technologies.

Solutions For Emerging Industries

MESNAC provides smart manufacturing solutions for various industries

  • New Energy Industry
    New Energy Industry
    New Energy Industry

    We provide customers in the new energy industry with complete solutions for battery materials and lithium battery production, integrating systems such as batching homogenization, intelligent equipment, agility logistics, high-bay warehouses, and intelligent software to achieve synergy of resources throughout the industry chain.

  • Chemical Industry
    Chemical Industry
    Chemical Industry

    For various powder and granular materials in the petrochemical, modified and fine chemical industries, MESNAC provides a full range of system and component services such as automatic bag breaking, small chemicals weighing, pneumatic conveying, blending and homogenization, packaging and palletizing, and smart logistics.

  • Food And Drug Industry
    Food And Drug Industry
    Food And Drug Industry

    In response to the industry's high-precision and zero-residue process requirements, focusing on the flexibility, precision and efficiency of the production process, MESNAC achieves an overall treatment solution for powder and liquid materials, and meets the relevant requirements of cGMP\HACCP\FDA certification.

  • Coating Industry
    Coating Industry
    Coating Industry

    Research and develop smart equipment, customize workshop and factory-level overall solutions covering automated logistics and MES systems for the coating industry, and realize the storage, weighing, dosing, transportation and intelligent management of finished products (powder, solvent, slurry).

  • E-Commerce Industry
    E-Commerce Industry
    E-Commerce Industry

    The company designs customized conveying systems and sorting systems according to different customer needs including matrix RFID reading channel gates, RFID read/write systems of small-item sorters etc. to improve sorting efficiency and accuracy, and reduce labor costs.

  • Calibration and Testing Industry
    Calibration and Testing Industry
    Calibration and Testing Industry

    Guided by the professional needs of the industry, and starting from solving problems encountered in calibration and testing processes, MESNAC is committed to building a multi-disciplinary professional technical team to provide customers with comprehensive precision control solutions for their measuring equipment.

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