In addition to the regular meal allowance, communication allowance, commuter bus, health checkup and various statutory holidays, there are also special welfare holidays and activities of MESNAC - accompanying leave for children's high school entrance examination and college entrance examination, reunion holiday for Lantern Festival and romantic group wedding. All-round and distinctive welfare system, only for the intimate  protection of the MESNAC staff!

Birthday care, retirement care, nursing care for female employees, care for family members of employees on business trips, care for employees in need...Employee care covers medical care, education, health and other aspects. The most warm-hearted care project in multiple dimensions, relieve the worries of MESNAC staff!

Management sequence, professional sequence, and delivery sequence three-way development channels; new employee training projects, leadership improvement projects, key business training projects, and comprehensive talent development system; diverse ways of training talents such as guided co-creation, benchmarking learning, skill competitions, and model worker pioneer selection. The valuable and warm talents cultivation will help the accelerated growth of MESNAC staff!

There are basketball games, football games, and sports games based on employees, as well as the next generation of MESNAC, the "Future Star" - Baby Fun Party, and also the various team building and tourism projects for employees. Interesting, wonderful and significant cultural and sports activities, rushing to the better life of MESNAC staff!

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