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MESNAC Union Technology Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of MESNAC Co.,Ltd, is the collection research and development, manufacture, test tire mold in one of the high-tech enterprise. With the certification of lSO9001:2015、ISO14001:2015、OHSAS18001:2015 management system, the company is the unit of assistant director in chief of China rubber industry association rubber machinery mold branch.

MESNAC Union technology Co.,Ltd.'s main products are TBR mold, PCR mold and OTR mold etc. The company has a team of experienced, professional talent, four axis and 5 axis machining center and other high-end complete processing equipment, with advanced technology route, the on-line detection system, to ensure product quality. To meet customer demand as the guidance, theory combined with practice, to build modern tire mold research and development, manufacture, experiment base. At present, the mold production capacity of annual output is more than three thousand sets.


● Use advanced processing technology to ensure control mold gap, greatly reduce flash and guarantee the appearance of the tire and dynamic balance requirements.

● Good material selection and processing, ensure the rigidity of the material and maintain the good accuracy of mold.

● Good repairability, improve mold utilization and service life.

● Using multi-processing methods, greatly reduce the mold production cycle and meet customers delivery requirements.

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