One-step Mixing System

One-step mixing system is mainly used for mixer downstream system. lt makes breakthrough in traditional multi-step mixingand is able to finish master batch and final batch in one step.


● Replace traditional multi-step mixing to realize final mixing in one step.

● Improve the overall quality of the compound, and significantly improve compound uniformity and other physical property indexes.

● High efficiency.

● Strong advantage in energy saving, save 20% power per ton of rubber.

● Reduce operators,1-2 operators for the entire line.

● Realize on-line small chemicals charging, save small chemical secondary transportation and offline operation.

● Reduce fume pollution, reduce the fume caused by repeated warming and cooling.

● Two chemical feeding options, master batch and final batch.

● The integrated control system of mixer feeding system, mixer and downstream system ensures `quality control in the whole process.

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