Open Mill

Open mill mainly used for down-stream equipment of mixer. lt may realize the mixing of rubber material, milling, calendaring sheet and so on. MESNAC launched the automatic mixing rubber system, it can realize the automatic mixing rubber, improve the rubber uniformity, save labor and increase production efficiency. It can be configured with manual, electric, hydraulic three ways of adjusting distance. Configuring the hydraulic safety block will improve the plant safety .


● High transmission efficiency, fine maintainability ,easy to use , high degree of automation.

● Roller made of centrifuge with high hardness and good wear resistance.

● Configuring the hydraulic safety dog will improve the plant safety . it is more cost-effective than hydraulic distance adjustment.

● Roller bearing can be lubricated by grease or lubrication oil .

● Configuring automatic mixing can increase production efficiency ,save labor and realize of automatic rubber mixing.

● Compact structure , save space for installation.

● C-type frame structure has higher equipment strength and convenient maintenance.

● The plug-and-play open mill can be designed which can achieve energizing and shortening cycle of installation and testing.

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