MESNAC “Rubber Tire Intelligent Sortation, Dispatching and Warehouse Logistics Integration System” Reach International Advanced Level



On June 7th, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation hosted Scientific Achievement Evaluation Conference to appraise the “Rubber Tire Intelligent Sortation, Dispatching and Warehouse Logistics Integration System” independently developed by MESNAC. Based on the judgment of the Evaluation Committee, the overall technology reaches international advanced level.


The Evaluation Committee consists of professionals and experts from Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, China Rubber Industry Association, Mechanical Science Institute and rubber and tire enterprises. Experts present at the conference discussed the research report of MESNAC, examined the project application site, and examined related appraisal materials. After the procedure of interpellation, answering and discussion, the evaluation committee came to the conclusion that the project realizes for the first time the system integration of intelligent sorting, dispatching and warehouse logistics of rubber tire and makes creative innovations in managing information system, automatic tire identified sorting and stacking, power-free automatic delivery system, roadway module design and algorithm design of key tire transportation route. The research achievement achieves 4 invention patents, 5 utility model patents and 2 copyrights, and enjoys wide marketing prospect and significant social and economic benefits.


MESNAC started the project plan of “Rubber Tire Intelligent Sortation, Dispatching and Warehouse Logistics Integration System” since June 2010. It came up with the initial project plan after repeated research and survey in logistics and tire manufacture and technology and conducting information collection and technical exchanges with relevant tire companies. Then, MESNAC consolidated resources from different departments and established a united project team to conduct design and research on key equipment. The System realized a successful application in Aeolus, Double Coin and Sailun.


During the operation of the System in the tire factories, it realizes automatic tire sorting in the self-check workshop and realizes automatic tire warehouse function. With a reduction of 60% of workers, the System manages to lower labor intensity and greatly improves the automation and warehouse management level of tire manufacturers.

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