MESNAC and FESTO Jointly Build Pneumatic Laboratory



The opening ceremony of MESNAC Pneumatic laboratory was held on June 18th in Qingdao Jiaozhou Equipment Industrial Zone. The laboratory is a professional platform specialized in pneumatic technology training, pneumatic product experiment and inspection and pneumatic new technology application research. The establishment of the laboratory is of great significance in the efficient application of pneumatic technology, reducing pneumatic components categories, and lowering purchase management cost and equipment failure rate. The founding of pneumatic laboratory also represents that MESNAC and high-end supplier manage to explore a brand new strategic cooperation pattern.


Currently, the pneumatic laboratory has been jointly established by MESANC Research Institute and FESTO (China) Co., Ltd. According to the comments of two parties, the platform support of pneumatic laboratory will give full display of the advantages of two parties and contribute to the strategic cooperation of two parties through joint training of pneumatic engineers and regulated application of pneumatic technologies in product. The aim of such cooperation is to achieve mutual benefits for MESNAC, FESTO and customers.


Based on the introduction of Zhang Bin, Deputy Director of MESNAC Research Institute, the laboratory is positioned to “build regulated pneumatic technology training and experiment platform and develop qualified pneumatic technological research team”. The laboratory will conduct experimental research on the technological problems in the application of pneumatic technology in dosing, building, curing and testing equipment. It is expected to continue improve MESNAC pneumatic technology system, come up with rubber machinery pneumatic system design regulations, pneumatic components selection list and new pneumatic technology introduction. Based on the management mechanism of “opening, mobility, unification, regulation”, the laboratory will introduce and cultivate excellent pneumatic technology talents and speed up the regulatory application of MESNAC pneumatic technology. Driven by the cooperation and exchanges with external resources, the laboratory will concentrate its efforts to solve the technical pneumatic problems in the rubber machinery research and manufacture and provide strong support for the promotion of advanced pneumatic technology application.

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