MESNAC as the Main Drafter of the Four Criteria of Tire RFID Tag


Recently, the Ffour Ccriteria of Rradio Ffrequency Iidentification (RFID), which is mainly drafted mainly by MESNAC Co., Ltd, isto be included in the 2014 Ffirst Iindustry Sstandard and Rrevision Pplan (the Kkey Pplan) of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2014. This marks decadeMESNAC’s of RFID R & D in MESNAC leaps from the technical level to the standard level in a decade; it, and also lays the foundation for the future applicationusage of intelligent tire in the Internet of Car.


The four criteria, tire radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, tire RFID tag implantation, tire RFID tag testing method and tire RFID tag encoding, would regulate the application of RFID technology from different aspects in the tire industry from different aspects.


RFID is thea key technology of intelligent tire. Supported by, intelligent tire information management system, it can achieves tire lifecycle the information management and services of tire lifecycle through the combination of intelligent tire information management system. Tire RFID tag will play a big role in tires warehouse logistics, warranty & claims, anti-channel conflictsecurity, anti-counterfeitingthe late usage and retreading etc. Implanted RFID tag within the tire is the tire's electronic ID card, which could collect data automatically from an external reader device in a by wireless way, to achieve the automated data identification and logistics. RFID tag would be used throughwith the entire tire lifetime, which can identify the data quickly in the claims, accelerate the claims process and prevent malicious claims; sincedue to the data within the RFID tag can not be modified, it also plays a huge role in tire anti-counterfeiting for the security, and helps companies to solve the problems of channel conflict falsity and malicious replace effectively.
 Meanwhile, RFID intelligent tire as part of the vehicles will play a major role in the construction of Internet of Car. AtOn the Sstartup Mmeeting of the Nnew Ggeneration of Nnational Ttraffic Ccontrol Nnetwork (Internet of Car) in April 2014, it is noted that the standard is one of the major directions in the future development ofof the Internet of Car development. The four criteria of RFID tag thatwhich is drafting mainly drafted by MESNAC, lays the foundation for the future applicationusage of intelligent tire in the Internet of Car.


MESNAC mastered RFID technology breaks the bottleneck inof the development of intelligent tire technology, and fill ins the e domestic tire technological gapy blank in the domesticof intelligent tire industry. It will promote, which will help the technological progress and industrial development in of the rubber tire industry.

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