Qingdao Huakong Energy Signs a Joint Venture Agreement with Kratie Special Economic Zone of Cambodia


On April 28th, the overseas subsidiary of Zhongqi Holding Group, USE Company and Qingdao Huakong Energy, a holding subsidiary of MESNAC, held a signing ceremony for a joint venture at the Kratie Special Economic Zone of Cambodia.

The ceremony was attended by the management of Zhang Qirong, Zhongqi Holding Group, Xiang Kunhong, the vice president of MESNAC and Liu Fenghua, the general manager of Qingdao Huakong Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Under the cooperation principles of reaching a higher and deeper level and wider fields, both sides in the cooperation have reached a strategic partnership in the Kratie Special Economic Zone with regard to heat and water supply, power generation and supply, energy service and equipment installation.

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