Mesnac released 4 new products and technologies in Qingdao



On Aug. 30th, MESNAC released FAR20S Fully Automated small Chemical weighing global standard model, the unique MCC3.0 industrial software platform in  Rubber Industry, U-Share industrial product platform and MESIIC (MESNAC Industrial Internet Platform) on the 17th China Rubber Conference. This is a new start point from which MESNAC defines products with software and serves customers with platforms, as well as a new exploration for MESNAC to promote intelligence-oriented development of the rubber industry. Mr. Lei Changchun, Vice President and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, Mr. Guan Bingzheng, Chairman and President of MESNAC and other distinguished guests from the rubber industry across China were present at the grand meeting.


Mr. Lei Changchun pointed out that MESNAC, as a model of rubber industrial equipment, always launched new products and new technologies each year and led industrial innovation in a sustainable way. Currently, intelligent manufacture and industrial IoT have become a necessary trend for the manufacturing industry to realize transformation and upgrading because the intelligent technologies will promote the rubber industry to realize leap-forward development. In the upcoming days, we will make more efforts to improve innovation capability, and speed up employment of new technologies, new products and new modes to increase the competitive power of the industrial chain and the supply chain, so as to create new demands and realize better development.


Mr. Guan Bingzheng said that the functions of the software and the platforms will be further highlighted in the future development of the manufacturing industry. With equipment as backbone and software as soul, the platforms interworking with the upstream and the downstream can be set up to realize win-win development. MESNAC people will focus on the major business – rubber industry - to upgrade the products and completely deepen the research and development so as to seek innovative changes and stable development, thus providing top quality products and intelligent manufacture solutions for the industry and the clients.

Over more than 20 years since its establishment, MESNAC people always adhere to the initial mission and focus efforts on rubber industry to provide top quality products and solutions for enterprises. In recent years, MESNAC has been increasing investment and carrying out technical iterations to continuously release products and solutions satisfying the market demands.

Firstly, upgrade of the quality and intelligence of the rubber industry equipment: Based on its ROC research and development platform, MESNAC released the FAR20-S Fully Automated Small Chemical weighing global standard model, connecting all modular elements of mechanics, such as electrics, programs, software and so on. This model has the functions of one-button startup, failure navigation, intelligent parameter setup and etc. It also  can cooperate with automatic logistic equipment such as automatic stacking machine and AGV etc., achieving  significant improvements in the aspects such as intelligence, unattended-ness, reliability and site fast delivery etc., especially in reduction of reliance on human capability (including operation and maintenance and the like), thus further promoting the unattended process of the mixing workshop.


Secondly, research and development of the dedicated software product of the rubber industry: the dedicated software product of the rubber industry – MCC3.0 which was iterated three times in four years was released. MCC3.0 product is an industrial software platform which has a high communication rate, a fast response speed and an independent patent. Based on the double-frame design of “micro-core”, MCC3.0 can not only complete industrial configuration services such as monitoring and operations easily but also realize perfect packaging for professional modules, ensuring light-load operation of the system and better satisfying the customized demands of the customers. Possessed unique system architecture in the industry, MCC can significantly upgrade the intelligence experiences of the equipment, reduce reliance of the factory on human capability and lower the costs for education and possession of the talents. MCC3.0 now takes a leading industrial position in terms of functionality, stability and expandability.


Thirdly, professional online industrial product platform of the rubber industry: The U-Share industrial product platform is a supply chain platform set up by MESNAC for the rubber tire industry to provide full life-cycle services for each equipment of rubber industry. With the supply chain system of MESNAC, the platform can provide one-stop purchase services which are standard in procedure, perfect in channel and full in variety so as to help the enterprises to reduce the purchase and management costs. The U-Share industrial product platform is an electronic commerce platform for timely services for customers, which can provide spare parts purchase, in-stock goods reserves, inventory sharing and etc. for the customers. Based on the platform, MESNAC will continuously upgrade and expand services, and roll out more favorable service projects for customers and the industry.


Fourthly, MESNAC Industrial Internet Platform with rubber equipment as its core: Relying on MESNAC ROC product platform and the independently-developed algorithm factory, MESIIC can   solve the problems such as diverse customized demands, complex production processes and high equipment operation maintenance costs etc. of the rubber tire industry. It also combines with technologies such as network communication, artificial intelligence and intelligent interaction to further improve the rubber equipment in terms of stability, reliance, simple operation and advanced intelligence etc. On this platform, quick customization and synergetic development of the rubber equipment can be achieved; 7*24 services can be provided; and remote operation maintenance and commissioning can be provided. MESIIC connects the full life cycle of the rubber equipment to provide diversified services for the customers.


Hardware supports functions, software determines experiences and platform links to the future. MENSAC will continuously improve the stability and intelligence of the rubber equipment;  continuously iterate and upgrade professional software platform to realize operations, maintenances and interworking of all equipment by using one set of software system; continuously enrich application scenarios sustained by the MESNAC Industrial Internet Platform, so as to comprehensively help the enterprises of the rubber industry to achieve top quality development.


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