MESNAC passed the provincial health enterprise evaluation




On October 15th, the Shandong Provincial Healthy Enterprise Construction Activity Expert Group came to MESNAC Jiaozhou Equipment Industrial Park to conduct an on-site technical evaluation of the company’s healthy enterprise creation work. After a day of intense and meticulous inspection and evaluation, MESNAC successfully passed the Shandong Provincial Health Enterprise Technology Evaluation, with an excellent results that is total score of 952 points including in 20 added points for its characteristics. The Shandong Provincial Health Enterprise On-site Technical Expert Group successively inspected basic information in four construction areas:the company's management system, health environment, health management and service, and health culture. The expert team inspected the environment and health management of the safety and health somatosensory center, the production workshop, the staff restaurant, the psychological consultation service room, the caring mother’s house, the staff’s home, and the cultural and sports activities area. After on-site evaluation, the expert group believes that the MESNAC has reached the technical evaluation standards for healthy enterprises as stipulated in the "Standards for Healthy Enterprise Construction (Trial)".



The expert group hoped that MESNAC will continue to play a "leading" role in the field of occupational health and lead other enterprises in the province to jointly improve corporate health.



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