MESNAC Co., Ltd grandly celebrate its 20th anniversary


On November 22, the 20th anniversary celebration of MESNAC Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Qingdao International Conference Center. Hu Qianlin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation; Fan Rende, Honorary President of China Rubber Industry Association, Xu Wenying, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Rubber Industry Association; Zhang Hongmin, President of Shandong Rubber Industry Association, Xue Qingguo, Member of Qingdao Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor; Yang Changjun, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of Qingdao Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of Qingdao Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerc; Bi Weizhun, Deputy Secretary of Jiaozhou Municipal Committee and Mayor; Ma Lianxiang, Party Secretary of Qingdao University of Science and Technology; Chen Kezheng, President of Qingdao University of Science and Technology; Yuan Zhongxue, Directors of National Rubber and Tire Engineering Technology Research Center, and other government and industry association leaders, representatives from research institutes, customers, suppliers, competitors, guests from the financial and press, leaders and some employees of MESNAC participated in the celebration. During the celebration, the launch ceremony for the construction of the headquarters of Qingdao MESNAC Mechanery and Electric Engineering Co., Ltd and the 2021 new product and technology release conference were held.


Xue Qingguo, member of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, emphasized in his speech that the successful listing of MESNAC in 2006 marked the fruitful results of the integration of science, education, production and research in Qingdao. Today Qingdao University of Science and Technology has become a model and sample for the transformation of scientific research results and serving the local economy. In recent years, MESNAC has been deeply involved in high-end manufacturing and artificial intelligence. It is not only a manufacturing enterprise, but also a benchmarking enterprise. It empowers local economies and traditional industries and is a leader in smart manufacturing. The Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will fully support and continue to pay attention to the future development of MESNAC, and work together to make the reputation of "Made in Qingdao" brighter.


Hu Qianlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy Secretary-General of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out that the new round of industrial transformation represented by smart manufacturing is developing rapidly. Digitization, networking and intelligence have increasingly become the main trends in the manufacturing industry. In recent years, in the field of the construction and development of National Engineering Technology Research Center, engineering laboratories, and industry technology innovation centers, the development and promotion of smart equipment, smart manufacturing overall solutions, and new rubber materials, MESNAC have given full play to the leading role as technological innovation demonstration enterprises; while strengthening its main business, MESNAC has also successfully developed more other related fields such as smart manufacturing and new rubber materials. It is hoped that MESNAC will increase its efforts to promote the intelligent transformation of the industry and the localization of major equipment, adding more vitality to the vigorous development of China's manufacturing industry.


Xu Wenying, vice president and secretary-general of China Rubber Industry Association, said that the 20 years since the establishment of MESNAC is also the 20 years of vigorous and rapid development of China's rubber industry. With technological advancement in the industry, product upgrades, and industrial super-normal development, China's rubber industry has realized a historic change from weak and backward, to becoming a pivotal world rubber industry manufacturing country. Regarding the future development of the industry, she called on the whole industry to strengthen openness and integration, integrating and learn from each other; to take the road led by technological innovation, to reshape China's image with quality and brand; to focus on the development of smart manufacturing, and the future is the era of data-based intelligence, MESNAC has made active explorations in smart manufacturing. It is hoped that the whole industry will not forget its original aspirations, move forward, and work hard to make China to be the rubber industry power.


During attending the launching ceremony of the Qingdao MESNAC Mechanery and Electric Engineering Co, Ltd Headquarters, Bi Weizhun, Deputy Secretary of the Jiaozhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, pointed out that, looking back on the 10-year history of MESNAC and Jiaozhou working together, MESNAC insists on the "two-wheel drive": that is integrating innovation and empowering smart manufacturing. In the field of intelligent development of the rubber industry, it created a "new road" for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and opened up a "new chapter" for the development of self-develop. Today, MESNAC in response to the call for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, in-depth exploration and innovation in the field of smart manufacturing; it has allowed the rubber industry to stand at the forefront of the world, and injected strong impetus into Jiaozhou's higher level construction of an open and modern New Area of SCO .


Chen Kezheng, president of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, said that as an international high-tech enterprise developed by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, MESNAC is a leader of rubber machinery industry in China and an excellent model of the "S & T achievements transformation". As a partner who shares joys and sorrows in career development, Qingdao University of Science and Technology is sincerely happy and proud of the achievements of MESNAC. Based on a new starting point and facing the new era, it is hoped that Qingdao University of Science and Technology and MESNAC will further strengthen the connection, carry out cooperation in a wider range and higher level, and give full play to the advantages of both parties and develop together in the transformation of technological achievements, the convergence of industrial resources and the training of talents. The Qingdao University of Science and Technology will continue to support the development of MESNAC, and look forward to working with MESNAC to jointly contribute new forces to the new development of China's rubber industry.


Yuan Zhongxue, director of the National Rubber and Tire Engineering Technology Research Center, emphasized that in the past two decades, "Thanksgiving and trust, human-oriented, continuous Innovation, and sustainable entrepreneurship" have been integrated into MESNAC's development and become the core DNA of MESNAC. MESNAC must be based on the rubber industry, focus on the needs of the country and the industry, face the world, continue to grow stronger and bigger, and reshape a new development pattern with new materials, new processes, new technologies, new products, new formats and new models. Standing at the historical intersection of China's “Two centenary” goals, the rubber industry is in a critical period of transition from a “big rubber country” to a “ powerful rubber country”; MESNAC must have new actions and new responsibilities, to plan for the future at the height of the country, nation and industry. MESNAC must promote development with the overall situation of the national rubber center industrial chain, continue to shoulder the mission and forge ahead.

He Ning, Chairman of MESNAC, said that MESNAC has grown from a school-run enterprise to a globally competitive international company, from the one providing single equipment to the world’s first supplier of tire smart manufacturing solutions. This is a huge development for MESNAC in 20 years. MESNAC adheres to human-oriented and to build a strong team with human-oriented culture; insists on innovation-driven and serves customers with high-quality products; adheres to openness and integration to jointly promote industry prosperity. Facing the future, whether it is in the field of materials, equipment manufacturing, smart technology, and talent training, MESNAC hopes to form a closer entirety with the entire industry, jointly strengthen the basic research of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, and jointly cultivate outstanding talents for the industry, actively embrace new technologies and new applications, and jointly promote the rubber industry to greater glory.


Guan Bingzheng, the president of MESNAC, announced the 2025 strategy, mission and values of MESNAC. He said that MESNAC will continue to focus on the main channel of the rubber industry, and will strive to become a "single world champion" of rubber equipment; expand new channels of smart manufacturing and become a technology-leading multi-field smart manufacturing overall solution provider; make new materials business finer to promote the transformation and upgrading of the rubber industry. Facing the future, the development strategy of the MESNAC’s business is: the company's overall output value target in 2025 will reach 10 billion, and the smart manufacturing business and the new material business will account for half in China. Looking back on the past, the founding team has engraved the demeanor of MESNAC people in the history, and branded the human-oriented concept into the genes of MESNAC’s people. Looking to the future, MESNAC is in the best time, all MESNAC’s people with fully enthusiasm will not humiliate their mission, undertake glory and dreams, and jointly continue to write a new colorful chapter in the rubber industry!



Ceremony host: Wang Zhiming and Lu Lina, vice presidents of MESNAC


Qingdao University of Science and Technology presented two art works
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of MESNAC establishment


Grand celebration and award ceremony



At the launching ceremony of the Qingdao MESNAC Mechanery and Engineering Co., LTD headquarters, Wu Shoutao, vice president of MESNAC and general manager of MESNAC Mechanery and Engineering Co., LTD, said that the future MESNAC Mechanical and Engineering Co., Ltd. will give full play to the platform headquarters and new business undertaking functions, and fully implement the "N331" strategic plan and quickly start the third-phase construction project of the industrial park, continue to increase the R&D investment in rubber smart equipment, continue to introduce high-end processing equipment, strengthen the incubation and undertaking of new smart manufacturing businesses, create a new smart manufacturing industrial park, and accumulate new development momentum.





At the new product and new technology conference, MESNAC successively released two new rubber equipment products----automatic small chemicals weighing and dosing system (FAR20) and TBR one-stage three-drum TBM (NTS3), and smart rubber equipment research and development platform (ROC2.0), the rubber chain cloud industrial internet platform, and the world's first EVEC new rubber material; these will bring a qualitative leap in the manufacturing process, product quality, and business model of the rubber industry.


Smart equipment and new technology publisher: Yang Huili, vice president of MESNAC


Rubber chain cloud industrial internet platform publisher: Ding Mingyu, Vice President of the Research Institute


EVEC rubber new material publisher: Wang Zheng, General Manager of Ecombine




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