Famous Tire Building Machine Company —Beijing Jingyie Joins MESNAC


On 13th Jan. MESNAC Co., Ltd. signs intention agreement to purchase 100% shares of P & D Company, which means it will hold 66.7% shares of the famous PCR tier building machine company-- Beijing Jingyie Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. indirectly.

Beijing Jingyie is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise specializing in design and manufacturing of rubber tire machine. It mainly engages in PCR tire building machine production, and the “Jingyie” brand is well-known and recommended by China Rubber Industry Association. The company owns various domestic and international high-end customers, and obvious export advantages, as well as strong competiveness in the international market.

With 18 years development history, Beijing Jingyie Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has many proprietary technologies and awarded products, as well as owns a strong R&D team and rich production resource. The joining of Beijing Jingyie is not only beneficial for MESNAC to strengthen its R&D and design ability of building equipment, integrate advantageous production resource, expand production capacity, further explore domestic and international market, increase market share and improve service competence to customers, but also helps it to improve comprehensive profitability and plays a positive role for its sustainable development.

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