International High-end Tire Tooling Brand—WYKO Joins MESNAC


On Dec.2011, MESNAC has acquired and now officially owns 100% shares of WYKO Tire Technology- famous international building drum researcher, developer and manufacturer.


WYKOwas established in 1962, and subsequently established a manufacturing facility in Greenback Tennessee in1977, which supplies the international tire manufacturing industry with its precise tooling and building drum; the core part of tire building machine is one of its principal products.


WYKO has 50 years of experience in researching, developing and manufacturing tire building drums. WYKO’s clients are the most famous international brands in tire industry and the most innovative tire manufacturers from all over the world.


After the union, WYKO will retain its brand, continue with its usual activities; and at the same time will integrate high quality resources in order to provide MESNAC’s customers worldwide with high quality products and service.


The union with WYKO will contribute to MESNAC by improving engineering abilities, elaborating tire building machinery and other products, upgrading tire building equipment quality and technology standards, as well will contribute to MESNAC’s profitability and expansion in the international market.

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