MESNAC Expert Karol Vanko Wins National Friendship Award


On 13th Jan. the Deputy Director of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Yanguo Liu awards medals to Slovakia expert Karol Vanko, who won 2011 Chinese “Friendship Award”.

Mr. Karol Vanko as one of the excellent foreign experts employed by MESNAC, who took charge and participated the R&D of P-PRO building machine and other major scientific projects. These projects not only create significant social and economic benefits, improve MESNAC’s scientific research ability and market competitive, but also make outstanding contribution for the quick development of rubber tire industry and reduce the gap between national and international advanced technologies.

Related links: national “Friendship Award” has been published annually, which is the highest national award for the foreign experts who work in China. It is granted by Chinese government and used for appreciating and commending the foreign experts who make outstanding contribution in our social development, economic, technology, education and culture construction, and talents cultivation.

The relevant officials and staff of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Qingdao Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, Qingdao Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and MESNAC Co., Ltd. attend the award ceremony.

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