Overall Solution For Precision Control of Rubber Tire Measuring Equipment

"One stop" method solves the accuracy control of all measuring equipment (including Mooney viscometer, rubber vulcanizer, tensile testing machine, glass gauge, aging test chamber, drying oven, hardness tester, pressure gauge, tire high-speed durability testing machine, tire strength bead unseating esting machine and various geometric measurement equipment) in all links of rubber ire industry from R & D to finished product delivery inspection.

The professional testing / Calibration Center for measuring equipment in rubber tire industry provides customers with comprehensive and high-quality services such as third-party testing /calibration services, daily accuracy control scheme of measuring equipment, certification / accreditation consultation in rubber tire industry, laboratory management and technical exchange platform.


● Pass the examination authorized by the legal technical institution of the market supervision bureau;

● Relying on the rubber machinery industry and combining theory with practice, we are professional;

● Dedicated to the detection / calibration of measuring equipment in tire industry, we focus on;

● With several years of calibration experience and mastering a number of calibration technologies and methods, we are fully qualified;

Third Party Testing / Calibration Services

Provide third-party testing / calibration business for rubber tire enterprises. Realize the "one-stop packaging" services for customers from the configuration, selection, acceptance and traceability of measuring equipment.

Daily Accuracy Control Of Measuring Equipment

Based on the professional testing / calibration technology of rubber tire industry, plan the daily accuracy control scheme of measuring equipment measurement confirmation, intermediate verification, testing quality control and so on for customers.

Rubber Tire Industry Certification/Accreditation Consultation

Cooperating with many professional laboratories, testing / calibration institutions and certification and accreditation experts, we can provide customers with CCC, TS16949, EMS and other domestic certification and export certification consulting services such as GCC, SASO, Indonesia SNl, Brazil and lndia in the Middle East.

Laboratory Management And Technology Exchange Platform

Relying on the information technology platform and resources of the soft control group, from a professional and scientific perspective, we will continue to share the new standards and requirements of the laboratory management system and various problems encountered in practical application with our customers, carry out continuous and long-term comprehensive cooperation in technology and management with customers, and build the first professional exchange platform for laboratory management and technology in the rubber industry.

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