M-ECO Integrated Exhaust Gas Control Solutions

Aim at VoCs, odor and other harmful gases, MESNAC Integrated Exhaust Gas Control Solutions can provide the whole solution for rubber industry, spray paint industry, coating industry, packaging and printing industry, petrochemical industry. Thought a number of engineering case, our products have achieved excellent results and high praise of the customer. The seven solutions include Biological method, Absorption method, Low temperature plasma method, UV photocatalysis method , Chemical washing method , Adsorption method , Combustion method.


● According to the demand and site environment to provide reasonable proposals and solutions.

● The gas reaches the emission standard of each industry after treatment.

● Energy conservation and environmental protection, stable operation, high degree of automation.

● Reasonable protection, low noise.

● Large throughput, high efficiency.

● Easy installing and convenience in operation, easy maintenance.

● Independent research and development, particular patent.

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