The Information Acquisition Management and Control System of Tire Factory Based on RFID Technology

The system is mainly based on RFID automatic identification technology, which integrates various lOT technologies to realize the functions of processing informatiacquisition and control, material information acquisition and control, and warehousing and transportation information acquisition and control in tire production process, including data acquisition system of mixing process -- semi-finished process - building process based on RFID, automatic logistics identification system based on RFID, mold management system based on RFID, EPD, IOT platform and other major products.


● Special for tire production: Realize application management solutions during tire lifecycle based on RFID automatic identification technology.

● Customized function development: This product platform is qualified with functions including production management, inventory management, logistics management,etc.

● Modular design: Each function unit is with modular packaged and can be applied flexibly in all or some of production processes.

● High performance hardware supply: Mesnac provides series of high performance RFID reader device, and various alternative types of RFID tags with different material and performance.

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