MERTC P-PRO2 Tire Building Machine


Wide range of built green tyres

Tyres from 13" to 24"( customized from 12" to 26”)

Green tyre diameter up to 900 mm ( customised up to 1.100 mm )

Ready for standard ply-up SOT and TOS

Ready for ply-down technology ( up to 2 plies up & 1 ply down ) 

Ready for High ply & SOT technology

High daily output of the green tyres built

Cycle time 37 sec - 205/55R16 TOS(single plies)

Cycle time 42 sec - 215/65R16 TOS(two plies)

Fast tyre size change time ( max 8 min / max 18 min )

Machine parameters self changing ( by servo drives )

Eliminating of the machine downtime ( double unwinding units )

SMART Visual Functionalities

Predictive machine commands to operators

Machine failures self-analyse

Ready for inexperienced operators and maintenance staff

PRO-VIS/TBMprocedure under total control

Based on LED lights & CCD cameras ( no laser )

All components centring & width control,

All components splices control

Green tyre radial run-out uniformity control

Machine modular design, ready for customisation

From Basic configuration ( manual bead loading ) up to Extra( fully automatic )

Customized final machine design

Special design ( 2.000 tyres / day )

Easy operation & maintenance

New HMl generation, excellent 3D graphics

Paperless HMl(all documents inside of machine library)

Machine" street view"for training and remote access

" Virtual and augmented reality"support

Many competitive advantages:

Several new patents and unique technical solutions

Siemens or Rockwell / open software for machine user

Automated RFID application or BAR code application

Energy saving management ( energy recuperation )

Ready for modification according to customer's needs

Star Products

Market Service

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