PT3S PCR Two Stage Tire Building Machine

PT3S, an intelligent Two-Stages Tire Building Machine, independently developed by MESNAC, Suitable for producing PCR, UHPT, LTR, RFT.PT3S can be used for producing 14"-28"tyre , customization requirements also can be realized.


● Satisfying process: 2P2B,3P2B or 3P3B+CH. Run-flat strip configuration(optional).

● High automation : Barcode sticker applicator. Splice visual recognition(optional). Automatic loading carcass . Automatic unloading green tire(optional)

● High quality: Flat-drum applyying process to accomplish auto PLY joints; MCAS centering system, High applyying precision,Servo bead setting, Synchronous turn-up with equal force and distance,Full range Belt Transfer Ring

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