40°-90° Textile Ply Cutter

40°-90° textile ply cutter,Provide perfect product solutions,Maximum eficiency、product quality and accuracy, Consideration of high performance and low cost,Satisfying customer's individualized customization requirements


● Adopting international advanced control system, automatic operation of equipment,guarantee minimum downtime;

● Splicer offset detection、splicer amount detection and online width detection systems can be selected;

● Let-off device with rotating double stations or side by side double stations can be selected, automatic splicer of let-off materials;

● Use pulling device,double servo drive and double deviation correction systems, which can guarantee the accuracy of pulling;

● Guillotine type cutter or disc type cutter can be selected;

● Overlap splicer;

● Flexible strip wrapping structure, gum stripper device with forward and reverse wrapping direction, which can meet different process requirements;

● Gum strip applying can choose mechanical or automatic deviation rectification;

● Customization of wind-up device based on customer requirements and automatic wind-up device can be selected, which can realize automatic cutting、automatic tow material、automatic change station;

● SCADA system;

● Equipment health management;

● Perfect quality standard system, standardization modularization concept, equipment runs steadily and reliably;

● Remote diagnosis and maintenance can be selected;

● Guarantee short-term recovery of customer's investment;

● Perfect security solution,CE authentication.

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