MESNAC delivered the first five-bed large-volume Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer in the domestic rubber industry


Recently, MESNAC HECO Co., Ltd. successfully completed the organic exhaust gas treatment project of an international customer's mixing workshop, which is also the third phase of the project.

The exhaust gas of the rubber industry has large volume and complex composition, and contains a large amount of dust and oil. After the previous detection and analysis of the exhaust gas composition, combined with the customer's production process, and using the industry experience accumulated by MESNAC for more than 20 years, the first domestic set of five-bed ultra-large volume RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) treatment of organic exhaust gas device was successfully delivered. The project has the characteristics of large air volume, high processing efficiency, safe and stable operation, high degree of automation, simpler maintenance, and meeting the strict environmental protection emission standards of the rubber industry. MESNAC's environmental protection equipment is installed on the customer's existing equipment platform, which involves a lot of high-altitude operations and limited space operations. In the early stage of the project, the project team fully assessed the difficulty of the project and conducted many detailed surveys. Faced with how to hoist the equipment weighing 50 tons into a space with a gap greater than the width of the equipment only 20cm, it pioneered the use of double tonnage cranes with guide rails for one-time hoisting. The construction plan has achieved successful one-time hoisting, greatly shortened the construction period, and improved the safety of construction, which has been unanimously recognized by customers.

MESNAC HECO Co., Ltd worked together with customers to overcome many difficulties such as difficult design, tight construction period and harsh construction environment, and perfectly meet the environmental protection requirements of the project.

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