MESNAC was selected as the Excellent Scene of Smart Manufacturing in 2021 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 2021 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Factory listed companies and the list of excellent scenes, and MESNAC's "Product Digital Design and Simulation" was successfully selected as the 2021 Excellent Smart Manufacturing Scene.

The smart manufacturing scene of "digital design and simulation application of tire equipment products" declared by MESNAC takes the improvement of product quality and early detection of design problems as the starting point, with equipment as the core, and establishes a multi-level design and simulation system, which runs through the whole process of equipment R&D and Design. Through the application of digital design and simulation methods, MESNAC realizes the traceability of product problems and product iteration from the design level, truly realizes the dual-wheel drive of virtual simulation and physical testing, reduces product costs and improves product quality. The selection of the excellent scene of smart manufacturing by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is an further affirmation of MESNAC's efforts in the field of smart manufacturing over the years. In the future, MESNAC will increase investment in technology research and development, continue to deepen the field of smart manufacturing, further promote the high-quality development of the rubber tire industry, and promote the Chinese rubber industry to reach a new height in the world.

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