MESNAC Americas joins American Chemical Society Rubber Division


MESNAC Americas Co Ltd recently was accepted as a full corporate member of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society.


The Rubber Division originated as the India Rubber Section of The American Chemical Society in 1909, achieving Division status in 1919 and incorporating in 1963. The Rubber Division is one of 34 divisions of the American Chemical Society. It has been headquartered in Akron, Ohio since 1909.


The Rubber Division is composed of 19 Subdivisions called Rubber Groups located throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. The Division has increased its outreach via affiliations with three technical organizations (Canadian Society of Chemistry, Indian Rubber Institute and Brazilian Association of Rubber Technology) and continues to pursue new opportunities worldwide. Additionally the Division supports environmental stewardship via the Rubber Recycling Topical Group.


The Rubber Division serves as a focal point for interaction and networking opportunities as well as the introduction of new technologies within the rubber and plastics industries, through its expositions, specialty conferences and technical meetings.


President of MESNAC Americas, P David Jones, claimed “this membership will provide a great opportunity for MESNAC to interact with potential customers in the Rubber Industry and to be able to promote its products and technology at various meetings and conferences held throughout the year. MESNAC will be an exhibitor at the 2014 International Elastomer Conference held in Nashville in October “

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