MESNAC Embark on New Material Industry with the Acquisition of Fushun YIKESI


Recently, MESNAC signed Equity Transfer Agreement with Qingdao YIKESI Technology Engineering Co., Ltd (short for Qingdao YIKESI in the following), and acquired 100% stake in Fushun YIKESI New Material Co., Ltd (short for Fushun YIKESI in the following), which had been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao YIKESI. Meanwhile, MESNAC published the announcement of purchasing new composite material manufacture technology. The acquisition of FUSHUN YIKESI demonstrates that MESNAC has made a substantial step in the exploration of new rubber material industry.


Established in December 2009, Fushun YIKESI specializes in the production of synthetic rubber and synthetic resin products. The company establishes the first set of acetonitrile C5 separation equipment in China and enjoys certain competitiveness in manufacture and technology within the field.


With increasing attention on the development of high-performance green tire in the future, new rubber material research enjoys great market potential. The acquisition of Fushun YIKESI will support MESNAC’s exploration to the high-performance new rubber material field. With the expansion to the new area, MESNAC aims to provide more comprehensive and quality products to global customers!

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