MESNAC Announces Formation of a Global Tooling Division and New Leadership


MESNAC recently announced the formation of a global (or international) tooling division to consolidate its operations in the USA, UK, Slovakia and China into one business unit known as the MESNAC Tooling Division (MTD).


This division will provide tooling support to MESNAC’s Tire Building machine Divisions in China, Slovakia and to its subsidiary Beijing Jingyie. The divisions Technology platform will be based on the well-established and internationally recognized WYKO brand but will also control Mesnac’s other tooling brands which are primarily sold in the Asian markets.

  William ( Bill ) Jones

President of this new division is William ( Bill ) Jones, a 32year veteran of the tooling business and until recently, Managing Director of Wyko’s UK operation. . Bill’s focus during his career has been development, design and production of tooling for Wyko, the last 15 years has seen him become actively involved with all of Wyko’s customers regardless of geographical location. As part of the Wyko team in the past Bill has successfully worked with numerous customers to develop new tooling solutions and enhance existing systems and processes.

     Glen Earnheart

Glen Earnheart has been appointed General Manager of Wyko’s Engineering operation in Greenback, TN and he will also act as Vice President of the Tooling Division ( MTD ). Glen was formally Engineering Director of RMS based in Akron, Manager of Engineering Development for Cooper Tire in Findlay and Engineering Director for Cooper’s operations in China.


Wang Yanshu, General Manager of the MESNAC Tire Building Division will also act as a Vice President of the Tooling Division (MTD )


In making the announcement Zheng Jiangjia, Executive Vice President ( or President or CEO ) stated that “ consolidating our various tooling operations into one business unit will enable the Wyko technology to greatly enhance the performance of our tire building machines and to provide our customers with the best combination of tooling and tire building equipment. Wyko’s reputation for enhancing uniformity, changeover time and size flexibility is second to none and this technology will also be migrated into the other MESNAC tooling brands”


Zheng continued “with the extensive tooling experience of Bill Jones, the MTD global team and the tire building machine engineering experience of Glen Earnheart and Wang Yangshu, we will be able to provide a leadership base and development resources which will be unique in the industry and greatly support our aspirations to support our global and local customers with the optimum tire building machine platform”.

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