Cooperation between MESNAC and emFrontier, Promotes Deep Exploration in IT and Automation Field




On 20th December, MESNAC signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with emFrontier, a subsidiary of Hankook, in Qingdao. Two parties are expected to conduct profound cooperation in the fields of IT solution, factory automation and logistics automation. MESNAC and emFrontier aim to explore the global market together.


According to the introduction of Mr. Zheng Jiangjia, Executive Vice President of MESNAC, two parties will first conduct cooperation in the field of IT solution. emFrontier prides itself with advanced SCM and MES package solution; and MESNAC is the first professional supplier in conducting MES R & D and application in the Chinese rubber and tire industry and enjoys a leading position in the field. Cooperation between two parties will further strengthen the competitiveness of two parties and provide more professional service to the global clients. The second cooperation field is factory automation and the third cooperation field is industrial logistics automation. In the above fields, both MESNAC and emFrontier have conducted profound research and successfully operated many projects. Through “powerful alliance” between two parties, better achievements are expected to gain in the global market in the future.


Founded in 2000, emFrontier is the IT subsidiary of Hankook Tire. It is specialized in R & D of SCM and MES system that incorporate warehouse management, distribution logistics management, comprehensive manufacturing management and special machinery management. With an annual sales volume of over 10 million Korean won, emFrontier is a leader in SCM and MES field. Meanwhile, emFrontier actively participates in the field of factory automation and logistics automation. With years of successful applications in the integration of software and hardware, emFrontier has become a professional enterprise in the manufacturing and logistics field.


As a comprehensive manufacturer providing informatization equipment, MESNAC ranks the second in the global tire machinery field. It enjoys a leading position in the Chinese rubber and tire industry in R & D and manufacturing of warehouse management, distribution logistics management, and MES system. It has successfully served many well-known tire manufacturers in China.


The cooperation and joint exploration of MESNAC and emFrontier in the field of IT and automation will further promote MESNAC business expansion in the globe and put forward the progress of its main business.

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