Material Conveying and Weighing Testing Center



Innovation continues to drive MESNAC’s development and MESNAC pays great attention on the R&D and mutual growth with its customers.


On 2010, MESNAC opened its Material Conveying and Weighing Testing Center in Qingdao, China. It is a professional powder technology R&D and testing center, mainly engaged in the powder material conveying, pneumatic testing, chemical weighing and feeding, advanced engineering test and academic exchanges and training. The center is committed to building the most high-end research and testing platform, which has led to a number of research result applications and engineering practices.


MESNAC has invested totally 7million USD to build the testing center, but if MESNAC wants to be world leaders in feeding system and small chemicals weighing system, the Testing Center will be the a key to continuously step forward and keep innovative.


MESNAC Testing Center is the Asia’s leading intelligent material conveying and precise batching test center, which made up for the blanks of China rubber and tire industry. Here, tyre producers will be able to find the best test solution for their chemicals used in mixing process.


There are a total 5 conveying test lines, suitable for different materials and best conveying line will be chosen for specific material after testing. Among the 5 lines, 4 of which has the conveying distance of 180m and one of which is a 40m negative pressure conveying line. In the 180m conveying distance, conveying capacity of CB can up to 10 ton/h.
In addition, there is an 8-station high-precision small chemical dosing line with a dosing accuracy of ±1g, with the capacity of 700bags/8h.


To evaluate the different conveying methods and parameters and satisfy different requirements from different clients, we have some precise testing and analysis equipments in test center.


 Mass Pellet Strength Instrument ASTM D 1937-89: Determines the mass strength of a cylindrical column of pelletized carbon black to predict its flow capability in bulk handling systems.


Carbon Black Particle Sclerometer: used to test dimension and rigidity of carbon black powder and controlled automatically by computer.


High Speed Vidicon: used to see the flow menu of the conveying pipe and other equipment because the velocity of conveying material is too high to see with eyes clearly.


Powder Flow Analyze Test: Measures detailed characteristics of a powder sample, as controlled flow is imposed at different speeds. Powders that flow freely will transfer very little resistance through the powder column in either a downward or an upward direction.


Powder Character Test: test particle density, permeability and superficial air velocity.


Particle Shape Test Equipment

MESNAC understands that each project for tyre producer is specify, each needs extra solution according to customer chemicals and specific conditions. MESNAC provides testing possibility for all its customers and be the right partner for customer’s future development. The center fosters an open academic exchange environment and encourages deep-level exchanges and cooperation with other leading global customers, to ensure that it remains on the cutting edge.

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