Industry Big Data Service Mobile Application



This product can provide many kinds of data integration solution, and interface with ERP、MES system seamlessly, and integrate enterprise data resources; It can handle and analyses huge data, and customize to satisfy enterprise management demands; It also can control overall situation anywhere anytime in order to real-time analyze and alarm in the exceptional manufacturing process and push exactly management report.




◆  Without territorial limits, and control real-time producing situation at any time.
◆  Push the information required, and see what you cared.
◆  Provide affluent mobile visualization, data displaying, data analysis for user.
◆  User account binding mobile devices, the full protection of enterprise data.




Product Function – Plan Execution Monitoring & Report Diversify



Mobile function interchange from diversity, self-adaption, and exclusive will have affluent visualization effects, and can satisfy analysis requirement of different data. Collocation scheme will make data more intuitive, individual and perfect.




Product Function – SPC Analysis



Apply statistical analysis technology to real-time monitor producing process, and scientifically distinguish random fluctuation and abnormal fluctuation in the producing process, and give alarming for exception. This can help management person to take measurement immediately, and eliminate exception and recover process stability.



Production Function – Information Push


It is to push the producing exceptional information or management report to different position and user in accordance with personal demand accurately and effectively in the first time, and control overall situation without limitation in time and place.


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