Industrial Equipment Configuration Software Platform



The industrial equipment configuration software platform realizes the configuration design of the monitoring screen through the control encapsulation, the open control attribute and the screen setting; it realizes the service configuration through the single table service configuration, the business library encapsulation and the event binding mechanism. The full configuration was first proposed in the software industry. It reduces the user's secondary development difficulty and technical threshold, while saving development costs, and provides a safe, stable, fast and convenient software development platform for the domestic and international industrial automation industry.



               Carbon black pneumatic conveying system                           Tire curing network control system



◆  The Plug-in platform is highly scalable.
◆  Configure project is template.
◆  The abstract data interface realizes configuration engineering development and specific DBMS independence.
◆  The abstract device interface realizes configuration engineering development and the specific PLC device independence.
◆  Instant simulation
◆  Process Back
◆  Configuration
◆  Internationalization (I18N) support

Product features - drag and drop configuration design

Conventional Windows development IDE style, you can easily design industrial monitoring system by dragging controls from the toolbox to the design screen, and setting control properties, animations and events.




Product function - engineering template
Put the designed configuration project into the project template directory, and then create the configuration project. You can select this template for rapid development and functional reuse.




Product features - data source management
It can select the appropriate data source to establish a connection to achieve data access and storage according to business needs; it support Oracle, MSQLServer, MySql and Access.




Product features - equipment management
Realize connection access to mainstream PLCs, including Siemens, AB, Mitsubishi, Omron, and virtual PLC. Dynamically expand as needed.


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