Smart Energy Management System (EMS)




The Smart Energy Management System (EMS) is to help industrial production enterprises to expand production while rationally planning and utilizing energy, reducing energy consumption per unit of product, thereby improving economic efficiency. The system mainly collects and analyzes energy data such as electricity, steam, compressed air and water. By combining with the production management system, it provides technical support for reducing energy cost and improving energy efficiency.



◆  Timely and accurate collect energy consumption data.
◆  Centralized control, safe and stable production support.
◆  The combination of scientific forecasting of energy trends and energy planning to achieve efficient use of energy; cutting peaks and filling valleys to save energy costs.
◆  Analysis of finished product unit consumption, energy daily cost accounting and assessment of energy supply and demand, energy assessment is reasonable, powerful, real-time and convenient.
◆  Provide real and real-time energy production and utilization (energy-saving technical transformation projects) and other decision support for the company's senior management.

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