APS Management System


System introduction


APS system is the optimized scheduling software specially designed for the rubber tire industry. The APS information management and control system is based on the most advanced rubber tire enterprise information management and control process to pursue just-in-time production (JIT). It covers the successful information implementation solution, management models, optimization and simulation technology of many tire enterprises, to provide optimized solutions for complex production and supply problems, realizing in information management and control of planning, scheduling, material and workshop management, from the management level to help enterprises quickly and rationally allocate materials, equipment, personnel and other production resources, feedback production progress and abnormal conditions in real time, ensure order delivery on time, quickly respond to customer needs, and achieve delivery forecast, capacity balance, and detailed production planning of the process under limited capacity conditions, which in essence help the company to enhance market competitiveness and adaptability.



APS design process planning




APS scheduling rules:


APS supports multiple scheduling rules: equipment utilization, order priority, maximum capacity, delivery compliance, multi-plant and workshop scheduling, multi-person scheduling, multi-plant planning collaboration and conflict management, while scheduling rules can custom design for the actual business.



APS implementation process


APS is designed according to the planned scheduling application process, supporting order entry, BOM and process management, custom setting scheduling rules, multiple scheduling directions, supporting material replacement, quick scheduling, order delivery review, quick and convenient simulation scheduling, quickly process emergency orders, manual adjustment plans, graphical production plans, production instructions, equipment loads, automatic forecasting material trends, and order overdue alarms.




APS achieves value
◆  Customer satisfaction increased from 80% to 95%
◆  Delivery time response reduced from 5h to 0.5h
◆  Order completion rate increased from 60% to 75%
◆  Plan schedule time reduced from 4h to less than 1h
◆  Plan stability increased from 85% to 95%
◆  Production preparation time is shortened from 2h to 1.5h
◆  Equipment utilization increased from 90% to 93%
◆  Inventory turnover increased from 70% to 80%


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