WMS Warehouse Management System




Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive management of batch management, material correspondence, inbound and outbound storage, inventory counting, and real-time inventory management through functions such as inbound and outbound business, warehouse transfer, and inventory counting. The system effectively controls and tracks the whole process of logistics and cost management of the warehouse business, and realizes perfect enterprise warehouse information management. The system can perform inventory operations independently or in combination with other systems, providing companies with a more complete enterprise logistics management process and financial management information.





◆  Location management of storage: precise positioning, orderly placement
◆  Strict control of first-in, first-out: condition setting, flexible rules
◆  Analysis of warehouse age: storage cycle analysis reminder
◆  Visualization of real-time inventory: accurate inventory data
◆  Inbound instructions for warehouse: inbound planning tips
◆  Outbound anti-error verification: accurate outbound items
◆  Inbound and outbound summary report: real-time data statistics, production report
◆  Lock, downgrade, verification, alarm, etc.: comprehensive management of warehouses, accurate and timely data


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