JIT Production MES System


Product introduction:


The MES system is a production information management system for the workshop of the manufacturing enterprise, which creates a solid, feasible, comprehensive and reliable manufacturing execution management platform for the enterprise. The MES system focus on information integration, which is integrated management of production sites from the implementation of production planning, production process traceability, equipment normal operation, product quality, worker scheduling and reasonable incentives.


JIT production MES system combines international ISA-95 standard and years of project development and implementation experience, adopts advanced automatic control technology, bar code technology and advanced JIT production management concept to provide a complete solution for rubber manufacturing. It is the basic technical means to achieve manufacturing strategy and workshop production agility.




◆  Integrate automatic control, barcode and RFID technologies to establish an information-based traceability system for the entire production process.
◆  Automatically collect production data and analyze it to provide complete and accurate information support for enterprise management.
◆  Centralized control of processes, improve the efficiency of process statistical analysis, and improve the quality of R&D.
◆  Real-time monitoring of equipment status, alarming abnormalities, equipment maintenance and management, and improving equipment utilization rate.
◆  Achieve comprehensive planning and scheduling management.
◆  Monitor inventory in real time and provide refined management data for optimized scheduling.
◆  Provide secondary development report platform to support customized and custom report development.



MES system revenue


MES system enables enterprises to realize information management, optimize production management, and bring huge economic benefits to enterprises. MES system can effectively shorten manufacturing cycle, reduce production data collection time, reduce or eliminate paperwork in the production operations, which is improved product quality and effectively reduced the rate of defective products.


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