Hydraulic Curing Presses for PCR


Product Introduction

As one of the key equipment in tire manufacturing, MESNAC has 15 years of research, development and manufacturing experience on the hydraulic curing press. At present, we have a series of products which can be used in the manufacture of PCR, TBR, OTR, motorcycle tires and air springs. Product specifications and varieties complete, product quality is stable and reliable. Now, The Bladder leak automatic detection technology, Quick mold replacement technology, Quick bladder replacement technology, integrated thermal valve group are in the international leading level.
In 2015, the Research and Development Center team of curing press in MESNAC European Center was established to further enhance the research and development level of soft control hydraulic vulcanize products, which can provide global customers with high quality products and convenient localization services.




◆  Small footprint and higher area productivity.
◆  No pit construction and shorter on-site installation period.
◆  The separation between the guiding device and the loading device ensures the accuracy of the equipment effectively.
◆  The main stress components are tested by millions of tests, thus ensuring the service life of the equipment.
◆  The displacement sensor control technology is adopted. The position is precise, and the adjustment is fast and convenient.
◆  The height of the mold and the width of the rim can be adjusted automatically.
◆  Automatic spraying mold release agent can be achieved to reduce manual operation and control.
◆  The equipment achieves full structure insulation. The exposed surface temperature of the host is not higher than the ambient temperature of 15℃, saving energy and reducing consumption.
◆  The equipment meets CE requirements, and is safe and reliable.

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