Drum Series


Product Introduction


MESNAC has years of experience in the development and manufacture of rubber equipment. We are committed to improve the quality of drum and tooling and production efficiency through continuous innovation. Currently, MESNAC has more than 160 kinds of products, covering the manufacture of PCR, TBR, OTR, agricultural and aviation tires. The main categories are mechanical drums, bladder drums, mechanical bladder drum, carcass drum, belt drum and shaping drum etc., among those, MESNAC independently-developed technologies, such as seamless locking, variable force turn-up, synchronous turn-up and other patent technologies, reaching international leading level.
In 2011, WYKO (WYKO Tire Technology), a global leader in the tire tooling industry, joined MESNAC, further enhancing the R&D and design capabilities of MESNAC drums and tooling products, and enabling MESNAC to provide higher quality products and more convenient localized service.




◆  Integrated with advanced WYKO tooling technology.
◆  50-years' experience in tire tooling.
◆  Patent technology in the globe.
◆  High-quality and high-performance tire production equipment.
◆  Good manufacturing precision, high efficiency. stable and reliable product structure.
◆  Innovative design structure, in line with ergonomic standards.
◆  Provides customized products based on customer demand, easy sizes change, and maintenance.


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