TP-3 90°Textile Cord Ply Cutting Line


Product Introduction
Mainly used in the manufacture of body ply with different specifications in the manufacture of tires. The textile is cut into pieces of body ply according to the angle and width of the process requirements, and overlap splice, pricks cover edge and wind up onto the wheels. It has features of high cutting accuracy, high efficiency, precise splicing position, friendly interface and easy operation.


◆  Left/Right double station let off device, time of replace material is shortened to two minutes.
◆  High cutting and splicing efficiency. Max 27 cuts and 25 joints per minute.
◆  Guillotine-type cutter, no rubber foam, long cutting life and high efficiency.
◆  Clamping type, feeding more accurate, splice stability and high precision.
◆  International advanced central control system, automatic control of each unit, function of state monitoring and fault diagnosis.
◆  Satisfied customer's various production process requirements.

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