Small Angle Steel Ply Cutting Line



Product Introduction
It is mainly used for the production of different sizes of belt and chafer in the tire manufacturing. It is featured with high-precision, accurate application, high efficiency, friendly interface and easy operation.


◆  High output, splicing efficiency 21pcs / min.
◆  Cutter lifespan (first-time use) up t0 4,000,000 times.
◆  Internationally advanced control system, automation operation to ensure the minimum downtime.
◆  Real-time centering function of application avoids misplacement splicing.
◆  Advanced splicing quality detection function.
◆  Flexible edge wrapping structure, realize online heating of rubber sheet and profiled component, meet different technological requirements.
◆  Tailored manufacture to meet customer requirements in cutting, ply-feeding, edge wrapping and windup etc.
◆  Cost efficiency to ensure customer investment rewarded in a short time.
◆  Reliable safety equipment, in line with CE (2011).

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