RFID Tire Tag Reading and Writing System

 This is a basic system to realize tire internet of things and whole lifetime information management, which will help enterprises converting from manual logistics into automatic logistics.

Product features:

●  Special designed and manufactured for inserting into tires, accords with tire production technology and meets the deformation and pressure requirements of tire whole lifetime;

 ● It is the information carrier to realize tire whole lifetime management;

 ● Sufficient storage space for writing and reading data flexibly;

RFID specified handset built-in tire electronic tag

RFID specified handset built-in tire electronic tag

WD11055-E RFID tire electronic tag

The built-in tire RFID tag with following advantages:
 ● The tire with specific ID, benefits for management and recycling;
 ● Improves products acceptance speed, reduces artificial acceptance time;
 ● Strengthens tire anti-false function; prevents tire changing, such as using old tire instead of the new one;

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