Smart Tire Management System

 In order to better track the tire, query the tire information, statistics and analysis of the use of tires and real-time monitoring. MESNAC make a Smart Tire Management System solution based on RFID and TPMS for fleet.


The Smart Tire Management System focus on the following aspects:
1) Data query including the tire size, tire pattern, unique serial number, week &year code, plant.
2) Tire historical data query. Operators can query tire using records, historical pattern depth, mileage, tire temperature, tire pressure data, wheel position information, maintenance records, scrap records, etc..
3) Vehicle information query. Operators can query the vehicle model, driver information, etc..
4) Tire status query. Operators can query the current position and use of tire.
5) Tire parameters are recorded in real time. 
6) Tire abnormal alarm. Operators can set the upper and lower limits of the tire alarm.
7) Automatically tire mileage.
8) Tire failure analysis.
9) Automatically generate reports
10) Open data interface for system expansion and data interface with enterprise ERP system.


System function
The system uses RFID handheld devices and TPMS to input and collect the data during the tire life-cycle. The platform will transfer the data collected by the hardware to the server through the network, and the server after processing these data will store and real-time display them. Process is shown as below.


It can achieve the following functions,
1)Managing storage accurately to solve the problem of incorrect storage.
2)Plan transport and sending intellectually, optimize distributing program, and make storage reasonable.
3)Calculating tire mileage automatically to supply data support for tire management.
4)Manage tire phases accurately, and state information about mileage separately. 
5)Analyze tire dissipation to avoid using tires when exception.
6)Generating statements of management to reduce personnel investment and intervention.
7)Analyze tire malfunction to offer advices of buying, using, retreading.


System Hardware
Hardware products include: RFID tyre tag, TPMS,Handset, Reader.


(1) RFID tyre tag

(2)TPMS senser

We have 4 kinds of sensers.


1) tiring-twine around the hub                                             2) valving-Mounted on valve


3) external-Screw it out of the valve                                        4) patch(stick onto the tire).



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