Biological Deodorization System

A large amount of toxic and odorous exhaust gases are generated in the modern rubber manufacture, especially during tire mixing and curing process. MESNAC has established a professional microbiological laboratory and R&D team to tackle with this problem and develop deodorization micro-organism, including its selection and cultivation. MESNAC actively conducts experimental research on gases of different components and densities, and independently develops optimized micro-organisms to digest, absorb and transfer harmful substances in the exhaust gases into harmless and odorless inorganics. The after-treatment is fully compliance with national emission standards.

1. Advanced micro-organisms specially-designed for exhaust gas treatment in rubber production, with high efficiency and good deodorizing effect;
2. Simple operation and maintenance, automated control of temperature and humidity;
3. Environmental-friendly design, no secondary pollution;
4. Low energy consumption and operation costs, only need water and electricity in daily operation;
5. Strong micro-organisms, short biofilm time and long lifespan.

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