Two-Drum Tire Building Machine for TBR

It is applied to uni-stage building for TBR tire, with high efficiency andgood quality, changing sizes conveniently and efficiently, good maintainability, and good cost effective. It is applicable for the size of 16”~24.5”.




•  Provide mechanical turn-up and bladder turn-up two types of building drum, which are interchangeable and universal.
•  Each servicer, cassette and bobbin can completely consistent with the three drums tire building machine, to achieve interchangeability and universal.
•  The transfer ring uses servo motor to drive the ball screw, effectively guarantee the poisoning accuracy.
•  Equipped with semi-automatic and fully-automatic unloading device, the labor intensity is greatly reduced.
•  The design of safety control according to the CE standard, equipped with emergency stop switch, pull rope switch, safety switch, safety protection net and so on.
•  High efficient control system can realize all control of building process, with friendly interface, and realize the parameters adjustment, state monitoring, fault diagnosis and analysis capabilities.


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