Small Chemical Batching System

Accuracy, salability, high efficiency, improves products quality, reduces cost and realizes Green production

Product Features:

● Design different type and working position according to customer requirements;

● Realizes different material weighing and batching, such as power and particle, complied with CE and AREX directive, the dangerous chemicals can be handled;

● Realize mixing quality tracing;

● Energy saving and environment friendly, green production.

                             Loop Type Auto-batching system                            Rectangle Type Auto-batching system


Automatic Small Chemical Batching System:

 ● Realizes information management of material batching

 ●  Prevents artificial misoperation; ensures accuracy of chemical preparation

 ● Compact structure, improves factory utilization rate

        Manipulator Type Manual-batching System        
Double Disk Type Manual-batching System

Double Disk Type Manual-batching System

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