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MESNAC led four international standards for tires RFID are released


Four international standards for tires RFID electronic tags led by MESNAC Co., Ltd. (main drafted) and drafted by many countries, institutions and experts: ISO 20909:2019 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tyre tags, ISO 20910:2019 Coding for radio frequency identification (RFID) tyre tags, ISO 20911:2020 Radio frequency identification (RFID) tyre tags-Tyre attachment classification, ISO 20912:2020 Conformance test methods for RFID enabled tyres have all been released on April 20, 2020 and become an official international standard.




The four international standards for tires RFID electronic tags were formally established in October 2015, and were formulated by the WG10 "RFID tyre tags" working group under the International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC31 (International Standardization Technical Committee for Tires, Rims and Valves); The working group is composed of more than 60 experts from related enterprises in China, France, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Thailand, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Arab Emirates. Since October 2015, the WG10 working group has held 8 global working meetings in Brussels, Sanya, Marseille, Seattle, Rome, Tokyo, Greenville and Qingdao, and several working group network meetings to discuss standard content and resolve disagreement among parties. The four international standards were separately and successively completed CD (committee deliberation) voting, DIS (draft international standard) voting, and FDIS (final draft of international standard ) voting, and finally formed a unified opinion.



The four international standards of tires RFID electronic tags can represent the development trend of tire technology, and present tire technology trends to the global tire industry in the form of international standards. At the same time, the four international standards also fully considered the actual needs of users during the drafting process, combined with the current domestic and foreign RFID tire research and development level and test conditions, while ensuring technological advancement, reducing the barriers to entry, and providing standard reference of products requirements, coding methods, application methods and experimental methods for RFID tires. The issuance of four international standards for tires RFID electronic tags will effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of RFID tire technology and promote the continuous technological progress of the industry.



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